Visual Inspection Products

Defects and errors in parts and components can negatively impact downstream processes, production efficiency, and product quality. Visual inspection of parts and components can help manufacturers identify potential issues early on in the manufacturing process, minimizing lost product and production time.

LED lighting is more ergonomic for operator use compared to fluorescents, which tend to flicker from changes in intensity. In contrast, bright LED task lights provide stable, durable and uniform lighting for quality inspection, which helps ensure accuracy and increase efficiency. In addition, these ultra-bright LED lights will never require a bulb or ballast replacement over their more than 50,000 hours of operational life to provide years of maintenance-free visual inspection illumination.


Green wavelengths are easiest for the human eye to see and adding green lights into the inspection area helps maximize the effectiveness of metal, glass, and plastic inspections. Adding green lighting into this type of work area yields higher contrast compared to white or ambient light. This higher contrast makes the defects more visible to the human eye.

The most important part of lighting up an automotive environment for inspection purposes is to find a light source that provides consistent, extremely bright light. The energy-efficient WLB92 is easy to install and gives a consistent, bright light with minimal glare to inspect automotive parts. Increased lighting can improve worker productivity and reduce eye strain.

Banner Engineering’s Work Light Strips or Work Area Lights provide stable, durable and uniform bright lighting for quality inspection in pharmaceutical packaging. With extremely bright LEDs, these lights use considerably less energy, and can last significantly longer than fluorescent lighting with over 50,000 hours of continuous light. LEDs are more ergonomic for operator use compared to fluorescents, which tend to flicker from changes in intensity.

In a direct comparison, the Banner lights outshined the fluorescent fixtures. They provided intense, daylight white illumination that distributed evenly across the inspection area. WLB32 LED lights have a 120° beam angle which directs the light toward the inspection area. The fluorescent lights distribute light all around at 360° from the bulbs. Competitive LED lights were considered. However, these were three times the price of the Banner lights, required a separate power supply, drew more amps and had to be hard mounted to the machines.

High visibility is critical during inspection of product in flexographic printing. Proper illumination also assists in monitoring machine performance. Flexography involves a variety of inks and solvents, which makes the printing machine a Class I Division 2 hazardous area. The chemicals used in inks and solvents can be potentially dangerous and proper care needs to be taken when using factory automation products in these settings. Learn how the HLS27 LED Strip Light can be used to solve this application.