Food & Beverage Products

When your application demands the highest standards of cleanliness while still providing protection against constant washdowns, Turck offers IP rated hygienic automation solutions to get the job done.

With an unmatched range of reliable automation solutions – including sensors, industrial cordsets, distributed I/O products, and RFID – Turck is ready to tackle whatever automation challenges you are facing.


Dough Thickness Control Rolling Machine

Analog potentiometers often regulate the height in dough machines. The potentiometers usually don’t meet high protection classes and are therefore susceptible to water penetration, temperature shocks, and aggressive chemicals. Due to its contactless measuring principle the Turck Li sensor reaches IP67 and effectively increases the availability of the dough machine. 

Detection Of Pipe Elbow

The correct position of a pipe elbow can be verified easily and efficiently with inductive proximity switches. For this purpose, a switch lug is mounted on the pipe elbow, which, depending on its position, dampens one of the wash-down sensors.