Logistics Products

As accuracy and throughput requirements increase, the demands on logistics operations are also rising. It is crucial to use storage capacities more efficiently, set up flexible, modular conveyor systems and ensure end-to-end tracking of goods.

Turck meets these challenges with logistics-proven solutions: smart and rugged sensors, control solutions and machine safety technology as well as high-performance RFID hardware, systems and software. Our customers also benefit from Turck’s long-standing cooperation with system integrators, including Turck Vilant Systems – the turnkey solutions expert for UHF RFID projects in intralogistics.


I / O Blocks Control Roller Convey Or Modules

In automatic conveyor system modules within a logistics system, roller conveyors transport containers or transport boxes. Optical sensors trigger and stop the motors in the roller conveyor. Other modules are used as switches, turntables or stoppers.

Access Control For Protected Areas

In many production and logistics environments, there are protected areas or cabinets which require security to protect against unauthorized access. For low and medium levels of security, cylinder locks are often used. But the disadvantage of this approach is that a separate key may be required for each lock.

Fast Tag Detection At Warehouse Gates

In logistics, incoming and outgoing goods must be detected shortly before the trucks are loaded or unloaded. With UHF RFID, this detection is reliable and also possible over long distances. So-called gates are set up for this purpose, which record the goods on forklifts or other industrial trucks directly as they pass through.