Horner APG

Our control products are based around our Operator Control Station (OCS) concept and are used in all areas of automation.

OCS combines a Controller, Operator Interface, Network and I/O into a single product.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s)

The OCS is comparable with a mid sized PLC in terms of performance. Programmed by a single, powerful ladder logic software package, you can actually develop HMI Screens within the ladder software as well as the control functions.

Cscape, our software package, simplifies the programming task by eliminating the need for two software packages as commonly associated with programming PLC’s and HMI’s.


Most of our products also feature the CAN port which can be used in either CsCAN or CANopen mode. Horner standard called CsCAN provides a powerful network to other units or SCADA at a minimal cost and provides a single point of connection to the network for programming, monitoring and troubleshooting. CANopen is a industry recognized standard that enables the connectivity options to a third party equipment like Drives, IO modules and more.

In addition to our CAN protocols we also support serial Modbus RTU Master and Slave. Other fieldbuses are available on some units.

Ethernet versions are also available which provide 3 common protocols including Modbus TCP/IP.

Automation Control Products

Operator Interface (HMI)

You can choose from small Text based screens to large Colour TFT Screens, all integrated with the Controller as one product and easily programmed.

Input / Output

Our I/O systems are Integrated within the OCS, Pluggable into or Remote Mounted to the OCS.

On our QX Colour Touch range I/O can interconnected by means of a High Speed Plastic Fibre Optic Bus System.

Our extensive I/O range encompasses both Digital Modules and Analogue Modules which feature inputs from most Temperature Measuring Devices.

We also have a wide range of Communications and Specialist Modules including High Speed Counters and Stepper Indexer Modules.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Products

Our Operator Interfaces (HMI’s) are based around our TIU range of Operator Stations. While offered at low end price levels, they actually provide high end features.

These very flexible units range from 2 line Text Models to Colour Touchscreen TFT. We also have a range of Semi-Graphics Screens that allow a level of animation at low cost.

We have very easy to use programming software that is guaranteed to get you up and running quickly.

Communications is a key feature of the TIU range. As well as Fieldbus versions, we have over 100 Communication Protocols and are actively creating more drivers each month. If what you require is not yet available, please contact us and we will try to provide if for you quickly.

Smartstack I/O Modules, controlled by our Maths Script Language, can be added to our larger units thereby enhancing their capabilities.

All in One Controllers

Horner Application Solutions / Case Studies