Machine Guarding Products

Automated production equipment, such as assembly or welding robots, material transport systems, packaging machines, press or stamping machines can pose multiple hazards to machine operators and other staff. Guarding perimeters and points of operation and access is critical to protecting personnel from accident or injury as well as preventing equipment damage. Banner has one of the most comprehensive collections of robust, easy-to-implement perimeter and machine guarding solutions in the industry, all designed to provide the highest levels of safety without compromising productivity.


Enclosures designed with a hygienic and sanitary design to protect from hot water and high-pressure spray

The blades of a meat slicer present a hazard to operators and steps must be taken to prevent workers from injuring their hands. Safety light curtains recognize if an individual’s hand is entering the machine while in operation and initiates a stop function.

Safety functions on the Universal-8 include three E-Stop push buttons and metal/Lexan doors with positive break electrical safety interlocks. These features had been managed using conventional serialized safety circuitry. The wiring was daisy-chained to several terminal blocks and redundant wiring connected to an input module. Algus wanted to simplify and centralize this system and build in additional functionality.

EZ-SCREEN LS safety light curtains have no DIP switches, feature end-to-end sensing, and can be easily installed with automatic configuration. The use of side mount brackets creates a quick and simple installation with adjustments made from the front side of the EZ-SCREEN LS arrays, saving time during setup.

Banner Engineering’s EZ-SCREEN LS is able to address the challenges of safeguarding multiple access points to a hazard with its automatic cascade feature. This advanced feature allows up to four light screen sets, of any size and resolution, to be connected in a series with as few as one cable to lead back to the control cabinet and one single dual channel safety interface, saving panel space.

The Banner EZ Screen Light curtains are a perfect solution to guard the entry point and protect workers from the hazards inside.  The muting sensors are placed strategically so that, as the pallet blocks the beams, the light curtains are muted until the pallet has passed through the area completely.

Banner’s XS26-2 is a flexible, easy-to-use safety controller with an intuitive programming environment, with the capacity to handle current machine processes and the flexibility to add up to eight I/O expansion modules as machine automation grows or changes. A broad spectrum of safety devices are supported, allowing for complex applications to be configured and downloaded to the controller in a minimal amount of time for efficient machine commissioning.

Banner’s XS26-2 expandable safety controller is a scalable safety solution that can be tailored for a wide variety of machines, including large scale machines with multiple processes. With the ability to add up to eight I/O expansion modules, the XS26-2 has the capacity to adapt to larger footprint machines with multiple hazards and access points. Several preconfigured safety function and logic blocks are available in the intuitive programming software.

Banner’s SC26-2 is a flexible, easy-to-use safety controller with an intuitive programming environment. The programmable safety controller can manage all of the safety devices with one module. The SC26-2 communicates the status of safety devices via Ethernet IP and controls a tower light for visual indication of safety device statuses. The base controller allows eight of the 26 inputs to be configured as outputs for efficient terminal utilization.

The solution requires the sensor to mount snugly within a machine opening, with continual end-to-end sensing that leaves no gaps. This enables the light screen to be located a minimum distance from the machine hazard point, using minimal floor space (which reduces the reach for the operator), and eliminating snag and aesthetic issues. At 28 mm x 26 mm (1.1″ x 1″), Banner’s EZ-SCREEN LP safety light screen is incredibly compact and can mount in tight spaces.

Banner’s EZ-SCREEN® series safety light curtain system is a well established solution for the harsh requirements of welding equipment. With the ability to cascade (series connect) multiple segments together, configurations such as this horizontal/ vertical pair are easily implemented with standard hardware (no master/slave models).

The Type 2 EZ-SCREEN safety light screen protects hands and fingers from being bumped, bruised, or pinched by the moving parts of a carousel.

The Type 2 EZ-SCREEN safety light screen guards the opening to a chip shooter, which has moving parts that can cause painful but usually temporary injuries.

At both open sides of a robotic work cell, a pair of EZ-SCREEN safety light screens are linked—or cascaded—in an L-shaped configuration to guard the access point both vertically (reducing separation distance) and horizontally (providing continual sensing). Up to four pairs of EZ-SCREEN light screens can be connected.