Packaging Products

Precision and innovation are key to the packaging industry and Turck provides innovative automation solutions to match.

Turck partners with customers to provide a wide array of solutions to respond and solve our customers automation needs. With an unmatched range of automation solutions including sensors, cordsets, distributed I/O products and RFID, Turck is ready to tackle whatever automation challenges you are facing.

Turck; Application; Decentralized Automation; Monitoring Packaging Line; TNSLR-Q80WD-H1147; BC5-M18-AN4X

Decentralized RFID Package Verification

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict documentation requirements. Every single production step must be documented, including the packaging of the drugs. 
Packaging machines used in the pharmaceutical industry must check the contents of each individual packaging unit and document the result.

Reliable Operation Of Machines

Fieldbus stations, which should survive the aggressive cleaning operations on food packaging machines, must be mechanically robust, chemically resistant and totally waterproof.

Detection Of Transport Containers

Roller conveyors can be found in the intralogistics of most production lines. To ensure optimum material flow, the equipment must know where the containers are located. Turck’s ECO series RU50 ultrasonic sensors are perfectly suited for the detection of containers.