Pharma Products

The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by strict hygiene requirements, aggressive cleaning processes and short cycle times. As a specialist in plant and process automation, Turck can offer you an optimum solution for any automation task in the pharmaceutical industry — from production and packaging to logistics. Whether a pharmaceutical manufacturer, a top-level engineering firm and super skid supplier or a systems integrator — customers around the world are already benefitting from Turck’s sensor, field bus and connection technology as well as our I/O and identification solutions.


End to end sample tracking with rfid 

Full compliance with extensive documentation requirements and other legal obligations must be observed at all times in the pharmaceutical industry. The highest quality standards are therefore applied to the proper tracking of  data and samples.

rfid control to tube connections in the ex areas

Incorrectly connected or leaking media may have serious consequences for plant safety, product quality and the health of coworkers. If a tank containing nitric acid is filled with hydrochloric acid, chemical reactions are produced that pose a serious potential hazard

decentralized package verification

The pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict documentation requirements. Every single production step must be documented, including the packaging of the drugs. 
Packaging machines used in the pharmaceutical industry must check the contents of each individual packaging unit and document the result.

Remote Signal i/o

There are many different types of pharmaceutical operations. Some media are explosive, others are not; some are very valuable, others not so much. Therefore, Turck offers the correct I/O system for any application, with each being among the most compact I/O systems in their market area.

easy connection of field devices

Pharmaceutical plants are often comprised of subsystems and skids that can be migrated or expanded by additional parts. Turck’s process wiring technology is perfectly suited for wiring such elements.