Machine Lighting Products

Banner solutions for machine lighting provide brilliant, bright light to illuminate machine processes. They are available in a range of styles, including heavy-duty, encapsulated IP67, IP68, and IP69K rated models for use in harsh and challenging environments and feature an internal monitoring circuit that dims the LEDs to a safe level in extreme temperatures. Their compact, low-profile design simplifies installation in tight and confined areas and the availability of AC and DC powered models provides tremendous flexibility at installation. These high performance LED lights will require no bulb or ballast changes throughout their 50,000 hour or more lifespan, for years of maintenance free, trouble free operation.

Machine Lighting Product Categories


Laboratory machinery needs bright, even lighting to improve inspections and maintain high-quality control. However, traditional lights may be damaged by the corrosive and messy chemicals used inside the machines. Lighting devices are needed that can withstand the harsh environment of labs and still provide even illumination that improves the inspection processes.

Determining a lighting solution for the CNC machine is simple with Banner’s LED heavy-duty machine light, which provides enhanced chemical and thermal resistance in tough environments. The ultra-bright light is oil, chemical and water resistant with IP68, IP68g and IP69K ratings, making it an ideal choice for many industrial lighting applications, including the CNC washdown environment.

Illuminating the inside of a cartoner is vital to ensure the manufacturing process is running smoothly and efficiently. In this example, highly visible lights help light up the area where frozen food trays are being inserted into each carton.

  • Bright illumination inside weld machine
  • Comparable in cost to fluorescent lights
  • Uniform, even lighting
  • Bright illumination and status indication with a single rugged lighting device
  • LED lights wash entire area with colored light that correlates to machine status changes
  • Creates more efficient operations and high throughput
  • Visually manage foot and mobile traffic in factories
  • Improve traffic flow and reduce risk of accidents
  • Multicolor strip lights are a cost effective solution