Vision Sensors and Vision Lighting Products

Vision sensors and systems from Banner combine high performance tools, intelligent features, and an intuitive user interface. They are cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use solutions capable of solving thousands of applications, from simple feature verification to complex, high-speed inspections. Banner’s vision software and firmware updates are always available for full download free of charge.

Machine Vision Product Categories


Robust yet easy-to-use self-contained vision sensors perform automated inspections that previously required costly and complex vision systems.

Vision systems are easy to use and offer powerful inspection tools and capabilities to solve a broad range of applications.

Vision lighting is the key to creating all-important contrast between the feature of interest and its background.

Imager-based barcode readers reliably read 1D and 2D barcodes in any orientation.  Banner Engineering offers code reading solutions that can reliably decode difficult-to-read, low quality, and damaged codes—as well as codes printed on highly reflective surfaces. 

Vision sensor software is intuitive, operates on Microsoft Windows operating systems and offers a common graphical interface across all Banner vision products. All versions of Banner Engineering’s vision software is available for full download, free of charge. 

Customize your application with enclosures, lenses, lighting, and other accessories.