Track and Trace Solutions

Track and trace refer to the ability to track an individual item through the supply chain and trace it to its origin. Reliable track and trace solutions keep consumers safe by enabling accurate and timely recalls and help manufacturers comply with industry regulations. 

Also, by providing manufacturers with insight into their supply chains, track and trace solutions allow companies to make data-driven decisions to improve transportation logistics, increase product quality, and reduce the risk of recall over time.


Banner Engineering’s ABR image-based barcode reader utilizes advanced algorithms. Every ABR decodes a full library of 1D and 2D barcodes, including DPM, damaged, distorted, or overprinted codes.  The setup is simple with easy configuration, by installing, acquiring image and setting the inspection parameters.

Product recall is costly not only in terms of lost revenue, wasted materials, and production time but also in terms of brand reputation and brand loyalty. The sooner food safety issues can be addressed and mitigated, the lower the risk of a large-scale recall. 

When food safety recalls do occur, it is critical for companies to be able to remove all spoiled or contaminated products from the market as quickly as possible to limit the impact on public health. 

Prior to installation, engines and transmissions are coupled together on the assembly line. A worker using a hand held barcode reader scans the QR code on each transmission. The codes are small, have minimal quiet zones and are dense with embedded information. Additionally, the barcode readers have a limited range. Combined, these factors made scanning the QR codes difficult, adding time to the assembly process and diverting labor resources.