The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Products

Get started with IIoT by solving real challenges on your factory floor.  IIoT solutions have practical applications and tangible benefits for your business—from allowing you to monitor the performance and efficiency of your production lines to letting you know that your machine will require maintenance soon.  Explore the applications below to learn more about practical solutions for the smart factory.


Collecting and analyzing data from sensors and other field devices, remote monitoring provides factories with insight and visibility into the performance of their machines, processes, and people. Even sensor data can be accessed in real time from any location, as well as logged for long term analysis.

Predictive maintenance on machines can be difficult because minor performance changes can be hard to detect without the proper tools. Condition monitoring plays a key role in predictive maintenance and helps prevent costly downtime.  One important condition to monitor is vibration.

Increase production efficiency by developing a wireless call-for-parts, service, and Andon system that allows for up to 35 work stations to call out to 12 forklifts/Hi-Los using the EZ-Light K70 Touch to wireless Direct Select operator interface. This provides for quicker responses from forklift drivers and/or supervisors to indicate a request has been accepted.