Optical Rotary Encoders

Banner is constantly expanding its product line, and is working to create specialized solutions for the Indian markets. The introduction of rotary encoders provides another option for more flexible and effective solutions.

Incremental Rotary Encoders

BEH and BES optical rotary encoder series can be used in a variety of harsh industrial environments, including with changes in production parameters, such as location, length, speed and angle changes, etc. The BEH and BES series have a standard industrial enclosure, with a variety of outputs.

Rotary Encoders Product Categories


BEH38 Series

38mm housing diameter, 8mm hollow shaft diameter

BEH58 Series

58mm housing diameter, 10mm hollow shaft diameter


BES38 Series

38mm housing diameter, 6mm solid shaft diameter

BES50 Series

50mm housing diameter, 8mm solid shaft diameter


BES58-10 Series

58mm housing diameter, 10mm solid shaft diameter

BES58-6 Series

58mm housing diameter, 6mm solid shaft diameter