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Banner Engineering helps automotive manufacturers around the world modernize and optimize: best-in-class sensors, LED lights and indicators, machine safety, wireless networks, and barcode and vision.  We help you adapt and thrive in today’s competitive market with smart combinations of rugged, reliable automation.

Beverage production offers some of the biggest challenges in factory automation.

From severe conditions and harsh cleaning processes that can quickly degrade system components to safeguarding palletizers, conveyors, and other equipment that pose a safety hazard to personnel, each challenge works against total Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and the overall profitability of an organization.

Leading material handling OEMs, integrators, and end users around the world turn to Banner every day to collaborate on automation challenges. Several of the top 10 material handling systems providers in the world use Banner, along with some of North America’s largest ecommerce fulfillment and retail distribution center businesses

Solutions for the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries

Around the world, companies operating in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical manufacturing industries rely on Banner Engineering for our industry knowledge, experience and expertise to provide products and solutions that improve automation efficiency, maintain product quality, and protect operator safety.

We are experts in advanced optics, LED, laser, and photoelectric circuits, offering sensors for tablet fill level monitoring and count verification, cap and closure inspection, print and label verification, and product identification and serialization.

Semiconductor equipment design engineers throughout the world rely on Banner’s broad product offering, capacity for rapid product customization, and application solution experts to solve their most challenging applications.

From LED lighting designed specifically for semiconductor equipment to the world’s fastest fiber amplifier enabling high speed wafer center finding, Banner Engineering has the semiconductor industry experience necessary and product portfolio to solve unique applications.

Detecting vehicles in automated car washes presents many unique challenges, several due to extreme conditions. Ever-present water (sometimes at extremely high pressure), variations in temperature, the presence of sunlight, reflective surfaces, mist and steam, and the constant cycling of machine movement are factors that all must be considered when applying the proper sensor used to position a vehicle correctly.