Factory Automation

Conveying Solutions

Our Unit Material Handling Team has a wealth of experience supplying conveyors and handling systems to a wide range of manufacturing industries, including Automotive, Tyre, and Heavy Engineering.


Maximum Performance – Throughput of up to 2,500 containers, trays or cartons per hour.
Intelligent Drive Unit – Maximum performance with minimum noise, using three-phase asynchronous motor drive unit and motorized roller drive unit.
IoT Enabled System – Tried and tested integrated system that connects components easily and economically; Intuitive full visualization of every component up to the individual sensors and actuators with our MES Dashboard.
Easy Installation – Innovative modular system designed for fast installation and a high degree of pre-assembly.
Quality – Proven technologies ensure maximum quality that meets the cycle time objectives.
Energy Efficient – Maximum availability and performance with minimum energy consumption.
Easy Maintenance – Easy replacement of entire modules and assemblies; Streamlined spare parts management by parts standardization.