Data Collection Infrastructure

The Problem

The talk of the town is data. “Data is the new oil.” “If you can measure it, you can manage it.” Each and every manufacturing plant sits on top of a rich mine of data that it can collect for its own improvement plans. Manufacturing industry research, however, states that only four to five percent of machines worldwide have a formal data collection system. The major roadblock in introducing a data collection system is that different types of machines, transfer lines and other significant production equipment all work on different control packages. While common standards are being introduced, industries are a long way from adopting a singular data standard.

Gathering and measuring production data uncovers virtually limitless opportunities for improving efficiencies. How and why some machines are producing better than others can be traced to performance, maintenance, what types of jobs are being produced, and many other factors. Data can be standardized and collected not only from the machine tools themselves, but many other manufacturing plant sources.

Imagine not only staying on top of the volumes of data a shop produces, but having machines “know” what the operators “know” and what other machines “know” through the efficient exchange of data. Hours of setup, touch-offs, and test cutting could become a thing of the disorganized past. BASE Automation can help you achieve this dream.

Our Expertise

In our 25 years of operations, we have worked on almost every type of machine in most industries. We understand how to talk to your machine. We know how to make your machine “listen”, “speak” and “act”. We believe in the age-old adage – “Garbage in, garbage out”. It is not sufficient for your analytics / application to receive data, it needs “contextualized” data. For example, just because the operating temperature of a machine varies erratically does not mean that something is wrong. What if the machine is running multiple SKUs that require different temperatures? We not only collect data, but also give it a context and provide you meaningful data.

We have vast experience in most of the popular brands of PLC / PAC / DCS controllers and SCADAs used in Industries. We can also help you collect contextualized data from machine tools and injection molding machines.

Some of the popular Industrial networking and protocols that we can interface with are :

FOCAS Ethernet
Euromap 63
Profinet / Profibus
TwinCAT / EtherCAT

We can also complement your machine with sensors and gauging instruments such as :

Vibration on 3-axis
Level Sensors
Fluid Flow
Energy Meters
And much more.